Haka in New Zealand

First and foremost.. what is Haka?

As per Wikipedia “A haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge of the Māori people of New Zealand which the New Zealand national rugby union team, the “All Blacks”, and a number of other New Zealand national teams perform before their international matches.”

Ok, to demonstrate, here is the greatest Haka clip from youtube:


Apart from the famous Haka, what are the 7 other reasons why you should consider NZ as your next tourist destination?

new zealand 1



Let the photos speak for themselves and do the talking.. #foodislovefood 1food 2food 3food 4food 5food 9



You better do this one. You will regret it if you wont give it a shot. Imagine you’re already in New Zealand and you don’t give yourself a chance to experience it. What the heck! Make sure you will end up carrying basketloads of both green and gold kiwi fruits!

Kiwi 4

giant..kiwi fruit..

Kiwi 8

giant kiwi bird…

Kiwi 2Kiwi 3Kiwi 1

Kiwi 6

peeking Kiwi..


  1. GREEN.. GREEN and more GREEN…

Can’t get enough of Green?greeeennngreennngreen 1


  1. ROTORUA (Geyser)

geyser ɡiːzə,ˈɡʌɪzə/ noun: geyser; plural noun: geysers – 
a hot spring in which water intermittently boils, sending a tall column of water and steam into the airRotoruaRotorua- geyserRotorua 1


  1. COROMANDEL TOWN (Cathedral Cove walk)

For those who love bushwalking and make it a weekend routine, this is for you. Not my cup of tea.. but this is worth it!Coromandel Towncc2cc3cc5cc6cc 7cc 9cc 10cc 11cc 13

I don’t have the “presentable” photos, but try visiting also Butterfly Garden and experience the Gold Mine …and the Hot Water Beach for a natural spa\sauna experience.


  1. “LORD OF THE RINGS “ movie location …

    Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle Earth

Re-live and reenact the scenes from the the famous LOTR trilogy…

hobbiton welcomehob 1hob 2hob 3hob 5hob 6hob 7hob 12hon 6hob 9hob riverhob 8We also went to Glow Worms but I don’t have the best photos….

  1. BUNGEE JUMPING (Auckland)

For some adrenaline rush.. remove this from your bucketlist.,,do it now!


I was only 50 kilos back then…

Bungee 5

on the way to the dreadful moment of my life….

Bungee 1

no turning back.. someone pushed me!

Bungee 4

I feel like I’m flying..


Bungee 2


…So the question now.. when are you going to book your ticket? Call your squad first!