Confessions of a Silent KPOP fan

….in 3..2..1…


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  1. I used to not like Sandara Park…..


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….but I didnt hate her neither. I was just not totally into her. I cringed when she threw random punchlines and most of times, I didn’t get her crazy antics. But that was before….

Now I realize she is not the “Pambansang Krung Krung” for no reason at all. She indeed belongs to this 4-dimensional character category with weirdness that is beyond our understanding. A woman from another planet.

When 2ne1 debuted “Fire” in 2009, so did my admiration for her. From then till now, I have been aware and been following her projects, her commercials, her escapades, her tv shows….almost all of her tv appearances. From the I‘m-no-so-into her, I turned into what-is-she-doing-right-now fan.. it’s a 180 degree transformation!

Who can blame me? She turned into this incredible Kpop character who embodies the  admirable attributes of both Korean, being 100% that she is and as a Filipina, being a former resident and household name in Manila. (Now, you can tell I’m a fan!)


2) I’m familiar or I get used coming across famous Kpop terms or expressions…..


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such as “bias” referring to your favorite celebrity or loveteam,  “shipper” or “ship” when you’re eyeing for two celebrities or idols to become a couple, “guiyomi” or ” aegyo” which is the act of trying to act cute, “sasaeng” which according to Wikipedia:

In South Korean culture, a sasaeng or sasaeng fan (Hangul: 사생팬) is an obsessive fan of a Korean pop idol, or other public figure, that has engaged in stalking or other behaviour that constitutes an invasion of privacy”

I’m used reading write-ups, captions, or subtitles with instead of the usual “hehe” which translates to laughing out loud (LOL), it’s replaced by “keke”.

And for mistakes, particularly for any TAKE 2 on any video, drama or performance, they use the term “NG” for behind the scenes fails.

3) I became an automatic Korean drama fanatic….


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Maybe this does not apply to all but this is definitely the case for me!

Or should I say… it’s the other way around for me! I was so engrossed watching Korean dramas during the hype of it back early 2000’s where everyone was captivated by the “hallyu” wave.

What is Hallyu?   Wikipedia says: “Hallyu” is a commonly used term meaning “Korean cultural wave”, was originated in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists who were surprised at the speed of the fast-growing popularity of Korean entertainment and culture. 

So Kdrama influenced me and introduced me to Kpop! They’re on the same platform and breathing the same air. Do you know that some Kpop idols are also Kpop actor\actresses and vice-versa? Now’s that’s what we call multitasking and diversity of overflowing talents!!

4)  It’s forbidden to lip synch…

Kpop fans are not that forgiving. They will eat you alive!  Even when you’re sweating blood, you ought to sing LIVE! Or you may have a background sound of your own voice but still…. you are expected to sing LIVE!

Go and have a search in youtube and you will see heaps of videos of live performances  being edited to highlight if that particular group or solo artist is simply lipsynching or not.  Or does he\she really possess that talent to sing or is everything just about looks?

Keyword is “MR REMOVED” and.. Voila! You will have a list of those videoes all over the web to vouch for your idol’s reputation by removing the music background leaving their live voices for public to scrutinise! (Whew!!)

Here’s a sample:



and this one below from Crayon Pop,  which netizens are claiming to be a fail as for most lines, they were simply lip synching.  I’m not impressed. 

5)  Create illusions..or delusions that biased couples (ships) will end up together in real life…


And not just that,  you can still partner your favorite to multiple celebrities  and it’s ok.  It does not matter which one will prevail! As long as one shipping will come to pass.

Sometimes you end up forgetting your own personal love life! Not healthy? I know! I’m insanely sick! keke

6) I always try to find the English translation of the Kpop song and wish my idol\idols will make an English version of the song.

But I guess if they do that, the songs will lose the magic and charm. The very reason why Kpop songs have this certain appeal to international fans is because they manage to transcend language barriers and different cultures and environments.  People simply rely on the music per se and the delivery and quality of the songs.  The music and lyrics go straight to the hearts and not through the brain since no automatic translation is required (as you don’t speak the language in the first place so how can you translate it!)

Anyway, I found one awesome Kpop song cover (not in English) but in guitar 🙂

Here is the original.. Taeyang with his “Song of the Year”! 

7) Travelling to Korea is in my bucket list (South Korea)

I believe this is also a given and is no longer a confession. I wonder if there is any Kpop lover who doesn’t want to experience Korea.

I’m dreaming to enter YG entertainment premises, to try their cafe and prove to myself that their meals are one for the books!

Watching music programs where these artists will be performing will be part of itinerary also, along with attending their fansign events. (Well,we are free to daydream.Dream on! )


Well, that ends the 7 confessions of a silent Kpop fan. Mind you, I’m not a hardcore fan but a very subtle one. I only have few favourites and not across all of those new idol groups sprouting like mushrooms every other day. My favourites range from old school….Bigbang, BI Rain, Super Junior, CNblue, TVXQ.. to the new generations….Blackpink, BTS, Exo, Winner, Ikon…

What a shame that few of my “biases” have decided to just disband their groups and move to “greener” pastures. Case in point: 2ne1 and SS01.



I watched this Kpop concert back in 2011 which was prior for me becoming a Kpop fan. So I got no idea who they are or how famous these performers are. So imagine my disappointment when I realized these are the huge names in Korea:

Line up: TVXQ (DBSK), SNSD (Girls’ Generation), SHINee, Sistar, Secret, Miss A, MBLAQ, Kara, CNBLUE, B2ST, 4Minute, 2AM

I should have savoured every minute of it… and recorded everything! All I have are these sloppy shots:

kpop 22

Line up: TVXQ (DBSK), SNSD (Girls’ Generation), SHINee, Sistar, Secret, Miss A, MBLAQ, Kara, CNBLUE, B2ST, 4Minute, 2AM

kpop 1kpop 2kpop 3kpop 4



Here is one of the performances from that concert that I attended but I MISSED!!!! (AS IF I WERE NOT THERE!)