7 Random Thoughts and Train Observations


  • If you keep sneezing and look ill, no one will want to sit next to you…


  • 7/10 are wearing headphones


  • ….and those who seem to be listening to music are not always cool..

Case in point: in full blast, I could hear someone grooving in Britney Spear’s “Hit   me Baby one more time“ and there is another one sitting in the corner engrossed in enjoying Pork Chop Duo ( stand up comedy)

  • Chivalry is dead especially in the morning.

“Gentlemen” in suits are really eyeing the next available seat.   Ladies, please lower your expectations and don’t expect anyone to offer that to you.

  • I really need to go to the gym and start to look after my health and.waistline. There is now a huge possibility that someone might stand up and offer me a seat thinking that I am pregnant!


  • The song that comes into my head as I am typing is “I knew I loved before I met you”.I dont know why. Probably because the mv was shot at the subway or I am just a hopeless romantic. I prefer the former! Hahaha. (golf claps)


  • Biggest turn-offs are feet on the seats, big bags on the seats whose owners have no intention to lift a finger, those who sit on the aisle and don’t want to move and lastly, those who act and talk like they own the train.   Hey, I’m also a taxpayer!