Aloha in Hawaii



Hola! Aloha!

Hawaii will always have a special place in my heart. Why?

Probably because of its atmosphere, culture and tropical climate being close to home! When I travelled there sometime in 2013 with my other 3 single girlfriends (then), I could not help but had sworn compact with myself that I shall return (well, it didn’t happen .. yet!)

The squad followed the below itinerary and almost maximised the time that we were there… no spare minute nor second!  But I believe that all four of us shared the same sentiment that we understated Hawaii prior to our travel.  We should have allotted at least 2 weeks to fully enjoy every corner of this amazing tourist destination and we should have done island hopping instead of staying just in Waikiki. Not that I am saying that Waikiki is not worth it but there are other hidden treasures on this side of the globe that we should have likewise explored.

Our itinerary.. Voila! 

  • Day 1 Arrival.. fast forward –> Dinner at Red Lobster…
  • Day 2 Shopping (Waikale)
  • Day 3 Diamond Head\Hanauma Bay
  • Day 4 Visit to relatives morning; shopping again in the afternoon (Waikale\Ala Moana)
  • Day 5 Lanikai beach, Kailua, Waikiki
  • Day 6 Pearl Harbor/USS Arizona Memorial/ Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Day 7 (Last day) Waikiki Beach morning walk .. …fast forward—> Departure


Anyhow, enough with all this reminiscing.. let me give you my top 7 most memorable takeaways from our Aloha trip!

1) Food is love

Yum! 🙂

Hawaii food 1Hawaii food 4hawaii-food-3.jpgHawaii food 2day1-redbloster.jpg

Cheesecake Factory,  IHop, Red Lobster, Shrimp (food) Truck, Goldilocks, some Buffet restaurant (no photo taken.. too hungry to even remember)


2) Hiking at Diamond Head

Testing your strength, endurance and dedication!!

But I’m telling you, it’s worth it… every stride, every drop of sweat, every single muscle pain!

There was this moment when you’re convincing yourself in the midst of “should I give up and just go back or should I continue  what we have started”.  Note that peer pressure played a significant role here! That little nudge from a friend surely created a strong push against my back to take another step or two.

This is it! There is no turning back! 


-Water is gold!

day1 diamond head 5

-stairway to heaven:

a short moment of silence please with this finale.. a breathtaking view:

day1 stairwayhey1day1 stairwayhey2day1 stairwayhey6day1 stairwayhey4day1 stairwayhey5

.. removed this from the bucket list:

day1 stairwayhey3


3) Vast blue sky and waters

day4 4


day4 11

day1 hanauma bay1

day4 5

day4 15


day5 17


4) Dole pineapple plantation


5) Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

  • Waikale (there’s a shuttle bus that can take you there) and Ala Moana


6) Sunset

day4 17

7) Culture and History

Morning stop-over:   

Pearl Harbor/USS Arizona Memorial



Afternoon stop-over :

Polynesian Cultural Center


That’s it 7 takeaways! 🙂  I believe your takeaways will be even more than this!


I promise of these days… I SHALL RETURN!

day4 4