7 Amazing Duo’s! 


1. Hamish and Andy 

No one can question the wit and charm that these two Australian blokes are bringing on the table.

Here are the excerpts of their gap year episode which they shot in Asia way back in 2013. These clips in particular were taken during those days when they experienced Philippines:






2) GD and Taeyang

Walking down memory lane, GD and Taeyang spent their childhood and teenage years training under the wings of YG Entertainment, one of the huge names in Korean music! Now, both of them are 2/5 of the Bigbang boy group, who introduced hiphop Kpop to the world with their own style of music and fashion. Interestingly, they are also successful as individual performers who have received numerous rewards and accolades in their own rights attributing to their own talents and unique personalities.

With the combined energies of these two huge characters, we should always expect an astounding performance on stage with them giving their all as if there is no tomorrow!



Live performance:



3) Jung Eun-ji and Seo In-guk for “All for You” from “Replay 1997” (Korea)

This song performance goes straight to the heart! Even before I understand the lyrics, I could already understand the emotions of the song!



4) Paul Zerdin and his partner 

This is real talent!


Bonus: I’m a huge fan of ventriloquism so I searched for other memorable acts whether from talent shows. Here are few of them:




5) Mayward and Aldub 


First met at Pinoy Big Brother house, Maymay, a witty teen Pinay and Edward, charming cheerful half German half Filo teenage boy formed a friendship that turned into a partnership in the showbiz world. Now, dubbed as “Mayward”, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have become household names bringing laughter and “kilig” to their growing fandom.





On the other hand, Aldub loveteam is a product not by force but by fate, hence being tagged as the “phenomenal” loveteam of the year. The first loveteam that I’ve known who has its own wikipidea page.

Please check out the below link to see how the variety show, Eat Bulaga found a gem with this tandem resulting to soaring ratings and outpour of endorsements, huge followings, daily long queues and domino effect of fame and recognition across all their artists and staff.


GMA, the TV network itself has reported significant increase on their net revenue during that time frame.

Here is Aldub’s first meeting:

I’m sad that this channel stopped uploading English subtitled clips of Aldub.  Here are the first 9 episodes of the series:



Here is their “Mansion” episode (no subtitle):


“Tamang Panahon” (Right Timing) episode (no subtitle):




6) Gao and Liu

From what I am aware of, the Chinese real life couple joined Asia’s Got talent and British Got Talent:






7) Kathniel 

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, or more commonly known as “Kathniel” used to be introduced as teen king and queen of Philippine television. Now, reaching their 20’s, they move to the “King and Queen of Hearts” title.

Excerpts from their tv series “Pangako sa Yo” (My Promise to You):




From the tv series “Got to Believe in Magic” of the younger Kathniel: