7 Takeaways from #Sona2017

1). ” Don’t get me wrong. I value human life the way I value mine “-  Pres. Duterte

Vice Ganda, one of the huge celebrities actually tweeted about this. And indeed, just like Vice, this is one of the famous lines quoted by the President that also left an impression on me.

President Duterte has always been bombarded by constant criticisms from press and general public alike on a daily basis. Not to mention that these are not only confined within the limits of local press but international media are also interested with how he leads the country and runs his office. His life is under the microscope!

Somehow there is an apparent contradiction on his statements. He values his life but he also keeps mentioning that he is ok and ready to be killed anytime anywhere! Bring it on!

2)  Duterte on entering presidency: “Pagdating ko, leche, sakit ng ulo” (When I got elected and started, **** what a headache! )

There is really no filter when it comes to our President. What you see is what you get.

When he quoted that, he in a way admitted that he underestimated the crises that the whole nation is facing right now.  It is indeed no joke to lead a democratic country where everyone has an opinion on your every move, not to mention overlapping issues, both man-made (eg politics, crimes, terrorism), natural disasters ( earthquakes, floods) and those lying in between ( poverty, traffic).

He avoids flowery words and says it with sincerity when he fails or experiences delays on his promises. For him, it’s ok not to be ok. His one request though: “Just give me a chance to execute my plans”.


3) Abscbn’s bitter sweet recognition

For multiple times, Ted Failon was mentioned by the President, as well as Abscbn for contrasting reasons. He highlighted the fact that the tv media, particularly Channel 2 is doing selective reporting with emphasis on news on his negative attributes. Only showing what they want to show, stripping the message resulting to a totally different context from the original intent. Well, we cannot blame Abscbn.  Those are the news that sell!

“For once“, as the President pitched,” Abscbn did a good job“! by featuring the mining industry in one of their programs, “Failon Ngayon”. He commends Failon for showing to the public the negative effects of mining on the country’s natural resources and climate change.

The whole production crew of “Failon Ngayon” might be rejoicing after Sona that afternoon. They deserve not just a pat on the back but a big fat bonus! Imagine, being recognised on national tv. That is free publicity!


4) I love Heart Evangelista’s OOTD

If I’ll be attending a formal event, I’m leaning towards her terno style that day rather than wearing an uncomfortable itchy heavy gown!


5) The president should not glamourise the idea of having 2 families.

He claimed that he only receives his monthly salary, nothing more, nothing less. And with small paycheck, he opts to split that between 2 families. His predicament!


6) I just find it a little awkward and cringy having all the former presidents in one room, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo!

My hatred towards Arroyo never diminishes after the “Hello Garci” incident and the “I am sorry” on national tv.  Why does she still have the face to attend those gatherings to be seen by the Filipino people after all those news of corruptions and crimes? Where is the delicadeza?

Ah.. maybe “hatred” is a strong word. I should say.. “mistrust” or “frustration”.  She is indeed a disappointment as I initially assumed she will be the exception to the general perception of a traditional politician. Reality check: She is the typical stereotype of a politician but much worse than that.


7) The President facing the rallyists, detractors during their protests. Or in netizen’s language, his “bashers”!

This speaks a lot about his social being. He still cares even those who always contradict and lead those protests.  Aware that he would surely be attacked verbally and even physically, he still took his chance and faced them. He still reached out to those who oppose and not just to his loyal supporters.

What he spoke to the protesters, well that is another story……



That concludes my 7 takeaways from Sona2017. I’ve got more than 7 but he might send his minions after me.