7 memorable production /musical numbers

1) Ice Castle 1978

I may not watch this movie over and over again but I will always go back to this captivating scene that will surely melt anyone’s heart. Does not really matter if you’re a hopeless romantic or an indifferent partner who does not care!

2) Lala land

I’m not really a huge fan of this movie and watched it just for the sake of knowing why it won numerous awards during the Oscars. Out of curiosity.

But I must admit, Ryan Gosling gained a new fan with this dance number:



3) Highschool Musical

This is the best pep talk ever! If you still wont put  your head on the game with this drill, I dont know what else will!




4) Slumdog Millionaire

There  is really no other better way to end a movie than having the lead characters groove to this Bollywood soundtrack popularized by the Pussy Cat dolls:


5) She’s All That

For those preparing for a debutante’s performance or a wedding production number with the new couple and their entourage, this dance-off number might give them some ideas:





6) Beauty and the Beast

Surprisingly, I love the antagonist, Gaston played by Luke Evans. more than the prince!!!



7) Evita

The whole movie per se is a grand production number and it’s not an easy task to single out a particular scene with the most impact. But this clip proves to me that Madonna CAN really sing sans all makeup, spotlights, and difficult dance moves. Madonna can pull out any performance!

This song, along with “Dont cry for me Argentina” and “You must love me” are on repeat (manual) on my cassette tape!



Bonus– Clips of my other two favourites from Evita:






That concludes my 7 most memorable musical numbers from films.

If you’ve got any suggestion on what my next list is, please provide your comments and that will be my next post.

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