Brace yourself

in Your hand, I commit my spirit

Redeem me O Lord, O God of truth.


Today, I have so many realizations. (yes, again)that I strongly desire to share with you. There are times in our life that we felt that we are left behind, that our prayers remained unaswered even though we earnestly pray for these things or we religiously seek for these needs. Sometimes, we are put into circumstances where we subconsciously lean on this side of having this self-pity syndrome knowing that our efforts are futile.


However, it is also through these scenarios where we intentionally struggle to determine beforehand what is in store for us. Through these difficulties, we cling to a higher spiritual mode than relying on our selfish perspective in life. We see through these situations… we read between the lines, we pay special attention to the object itself and not just to the dark shadow it produces. We become more observant, more analytical, more objective, more forgiving, more patient, more humane and more thankful.


Counting your blessings has deemed to be an ultimate option for us not just to ease the pain or disappointments that kept on wrestling inside our minds, but moreso to become more sensitive of the role we play or we should be playing in this society of blessings-seeking people!


How can you be different? How can you be thankful if you feel that your prayers are still unanswered? How can you be patient knowing that your needs are already in the bag? That your wants and needs are already answered and are coming in the most unexpected moment of your life? How can you be a living testimony if you yourself are doubting if your prayer will be answered? It’s a matter of believing.. of having this faith on something unseen. It’s believing, trusting, depending on the powers of a Higher Being who made and is making everything possible according to His will. It’s believing not simply on “coincidence” but coincidence with Divine intervention. Everything is happening to your life.. because He said so and not just because that is what you wanted it to be. You’re just a passenger in this vehicle called ‘life’ and unless you let Him as your driver, then you’re driving your car in your passenger’s seat. Come to think of it. Just by imagining how difficult it is to do that… that is exactly what you are doing in your real life. Extending your arms to reach the steering wheel, your legs to reach the brakes while your eyes fixed on the road to keep the wheels on the go!! Bumping into something or someone is just a second away!


Yeah I know, I am just typing my thoughts as they come. And sometimes these are just clutters on my mind.. but what the heck! This is my blog anyway(he he) and most of the time I am sharing these ideas with my inner self.. for her to read in her spare time..when everything calms down. 🙂 When her mind is open and receptive enough! 🙂 I guess she’ll appreciate this much much more at that moment. Until then, I will just let my thoughts pour and write them down….



(5 May 2010, 12:18am)