4 Day Gold Coast itinerary

IMG_8165Trust me on this. You can do Gold Coast in just 4 freaking days!! And you will enjoy even if you’re travelling solo.

Trust me on this.. been there, done that with the company of me and myself! 🙂

Day 1:

Travel in the morning, straight to your hotel or airbnb house or room, get familiarised with the nearest shopping where you can grab your snacks, etc. It’s rest day today so dont stress yourself too much.


Day 2:

Take uber and go to your first theme park destination. I suggest that you choose Sea World.

You will be given some options depending on the ticket/combo promo. For me, I chose Sea World, MovieWorld and Wet & Wild for three consecutive days.

The main highlights of Sea World theme park are the following so make sure that you don’t miss them:

  • Dolphin show
  • Seal show
  • Jet ski stunt show

As for my experience, an unusual event also happened during the dolphin show.  At the back of my head, I was thinking ” Of all the days, why now?!” There showed up a parade of animal activists ruining the performance. Don’t get me wrong… I know where they are coming from. But come on, of all days, why today!!  Anyway, just to share, here is a glimpse of that unexpected scenario:



The park closes at around 5pm. So from there you can go straight to the main city to have dinner and see the beach until night time.



Day 3:

Warner Brothers Movie World

Again, dont miss the following shows:

  • grand parade…. if I’m not mistaken around 1 pm or 2pm.  Please check the pamphlet for timetable and the route
  • car stunts(again!) More… extreme. (Note: I watched the show twice)

Day 4:

Wet ‘n Wild

Well, whether you’re going solo or with your squad, as long as you love water, experiencing Wet ‘n Wild is a treat.

This theme park is a lot smaller than the other two so you can definitely try “all” that this park can offer.



Day 4 Afternoon escapade:

Time to go home

Allot at least 2 hrs going back to the airport.

It’s great to have fun and be lost in the moment but it will be a different story if you miss your flight!!