On the edge

Sometimes when you’re down

And you feel that the world is against you

When you look behind and you see no one

And no one sitting next to you


When you’re heart is crushed

And your spirit is drowning

When your eyes couldn’t cry no more

As you’re exhausted from breathing


When you’re embarrassed to face tomorrow

And you don’t feel like getting up the next day

When you feel like slapping yourself

As you could not hurt someone else


When you walk on thorns

And brushing the cold wind

When you’re enduring the heat and pain

As you’ve got no choice

You just have to bear it


How can you continue your life

How can you breathe again

How can you open your eyes the next day

And start as if nothing happened

How can you forget everything in a snap

And continue to move on

To move forward

To cherish a brand new day

To bury the past

To dream again


How to live again

When you feel like you’re a living dead

How can you face tomorrow

If you have to start all over again with this cycle

How can you get up

When you feel like you’re down forever


How can you say

I was dead

But now .. can I live again?