7 Indicators of Fatigue (work stress)

I know.. I know. This is treated as trivial topic for some . On the other hand, browsing through the web, you will surely stumble on some articles, blogs, studies, researches, statistics, stories, discussions centering around this topic but what I’m about to share is more personal as this is what I am experiencing right here right now! ATM (at this moment!)

I decided to just grab my keyboard and type all my thoughts while they are still fresh because I bet.. tomorrow will come and I will forget half of them.

Let’s start the ball rolling:

1. Still in my work clothes, while lying in bed at 9:55 pm, I’m still thinking about my work, my deliverables, current issues on tasks, etc

2. While in the train, instead of relaxing and freeing my brain, I enlist my to-do’s for the next day. How pathetic, right?

3. Last night, at 11:59 pm, I sent an email to my colleague asking him to hold off submission of reports as suddenly the idea of reviewing his work occurred to me and I felt accountable should there be any numbers not agreeing. (BTW, I’m an accountant)

4. Imagine this.. yesterday, I skipped lunch and dinner altogether. I normally don’t have breakfast so that doesn’t count but lunch and dinner?? 

 I only had a tiny bite of sweet bread and that’s about it. I’m not fasting whatsoever but just not in the mood to eat .(This is so not me!)

5. I went out of the office at 9:30pm the other day. My boss was telling me to go home but I just felt obligated to stay and finish what needed to be done. I felt accountable should anything break or fail. (This is not healthy at all).

6. Supposedly, I should be in the mission now of finding a new job but what am I doing?Here, typing what I am feeling right now!
And 7th , the last one but not the least red flag..

7. Why do I feel so tired early in the morning? Why do I feel like 90% of my day is all about work as even when I reach my front door at home, my mind is still in the office! 


 Most of the time, I try to reason out that probably it’s because I’m living alone , all by myself that’s why I have less obligation. I’m taking care of myself so I have all the time in the world to think .. and I chose to fill those gaps with work?!

Anyway… Signing off now.. I’m praying that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

They say, behind those dark clouds is a vast blue sky.