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  • PinkPanther 2:00 pm on June 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, have you watched the Kdrama “A Personal life”
    If not yet, don’t.. don’t give it a try!
    Dont judge me, it’s a little bit cringey
    Watched the entire series though not my cup of tea

    Somehow can relate though not that extreme
    I’m a little laid back, the protagonist is a super over the top fanatic!
    My taste of Kpop music transcended generations
    From old school of familiar beats to odd sounding monotones and collaborations
    Both old and new breed of musicians and artists
    Stumbled upon in 2009 and haven’t got back to my senses ever since!

    Blame it on 2ne1 whose fame sky rocketed,
    Sandara’s fame rose like a boomerang with her antics
    While on job search then, I also searched for their random shows
    Even went to a Kpop concert alone, knew no single celebrity, ended up with those at the front rows!

    Once I build any passion, no chance to turn back
    What I planned to be a one-off turned into a full riot
    That one concert opened an avalanche of emotions
    Like an underground movement, kicking in were crazy hormones!

    Kpop music killed my boring and predictable life back then
    I was no fan of anyone but now I almost can recognize everyone!
    Walking down the memory lane.. here we go
    Please bear with me, it’s a lengthy recollection!

    Bang Bang Bang! Kpop kings, they’re Bigbang!
    Surprisingly still a fan amidst all those controversies
    Idol of idols indeed! that is why I adore them
    group or individually, I’m a proud VIP!

    Sorry sorry of Suju, this is my gen!
    concert was cancelled, oh what a shame!
    I was about to book my ticket that very day
    Turns out here in Australia, they’re not a gem

    I don’t care,Can’t nobody to Come back home
    2ne1 brought me here in this crazy kpop world
    When the band disbanded, I was dumbfounded
    Was orphaned and one of Blackjacks being abandoned

    FX, Shinee, Sistar, Girls Generation,TVXQ
    MBLAQ, 2am and 2pm, Sistar,BTOB, to name a few
    Bi Rain, IU, A-pink, SS501.. boybands girlbands come and go
    Some members continue doing music while some grab acting roles

    Blackpink, Winner of YG and Ikon
    Zico, Loco, Exo and Mamamoo
    That’s it, after that… I try not to follow anybody!
    Probably came to my senses, it’s a little bit exhausting

    So this new fandom creating wars on the internet!
    those who discovered kpop just recently
    those teens who are levelling up their game
    It’s not healthy, funny but really stupid, can’t relate

    Cant say I’m a die hard kpop fan, no not yet at this stage, come on!
    I’m still not on that level, no lightstick yet in my possession
    But not denying, on this genre, I know too much information
    Not deliberately exerting effort, just leaning towards that direction!

    Anyway, that’s it! TMI. Too much honesty…pouring my secret life out…now I feel naked)

    #traindelays #pilitnarhymes

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    WFH 28 March 2020

    On my 6th day working from home, observing now some routine
    That is keeping my sanity intact, wifi and vpn connection in sync
    Munching on anything, a walk to the kitchen is like a walk in the park
    Wearing my headset with the volume in full blast

    I’m homebody and self- proclaimed introvert
    I love staying home and thought I’ve got an anti social personality
    But this “almost” lockdown is just proving me wrong
    I love people, I love strangers, I love strolling, I love you all!

    Somehow now I felt my back is about to give up
    My working hours seem like doubled, tripled, I lost track
    Learn to appreciate your office chair more and your huge desk at work
    Now every turn requires a little adjustment of your muscles and joints

    Cyber meetings, all conferences are now on line
    Skyping with your team, still in their pjs on the other side of the suburbs
    While discussing on a serious and loud tone, Oh! you’ve been kicked out
    Dialling again, came back in apologetic tone, what did I missout

    From time to time, take a break and stare outside the window
    Imagining the days when you were outside and always on the go
    Miss using your OPAL card and standing on that cramped train
    And double steps in the morning as you will be late again

    Now you don’t need to download Netflix movies for your travel later
    You’re not ready and anticipating being stranded again
    As you are already stranded at your own place
    Your ambition of just working from home has become a reality

    If only this happened without the participation of a global enemy, COVID 19
    This virus, a minute global antagonist that swept across all nations
    If only we have control, we should have crushed this crisis under our feet
    Now this virus is outside, declaring its existence while we’re under our sheets

    So hold my drink, I’ll grab my smule, sing out load, do my own karaoke
    On top of my voice, I will shout out loud, Virus, you’re nothing
    We will overcome this, with God’ s help, all of us Earthlingsunite and have one voice
    We own this planet, we will prevail and kill alien, small or huge!

    Someday, we will all wake up from this nightmare
    With stronger faith, more compassionate, less judgemental, healthier beings
    More appreciative of life, with less ego, more forward looking society
    Less materialistic individuals who want to cross boarders more and will be into collecting memories

    So this is the effect of my 6th day stay at home routine
    Talking to myself, brainstorming, discussing all possibilities
    Better that I’m working my home as my mind active 24/7
    Otherwise, staying home, staying loose, keeping cool is just a scenario to imagine

    • Bow-
  • PinkPanther 1:19 pm on June 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Go with the flow
    No matter what it takes
    You’re on the roll
    Hit the ground running

    Amidst all the odds
    Blindly accept what’s coming
    Nod your head earnestly and keep your cool
    On this world of chaos, you’ll blend in

    On paper, that seems logical
    On reality, it’s an altered story
    Society is not forgiving, forever stuck on that ancient era
    They’re heading towards the opposite direction
    Sprinting while you’re crawling

    Yellow, brown, black, white
    White, yellow, brown, black
    Not just pigmentation but could it be a golden Willy Wonka ticket
    Sad reality that skin colour still matters regardless of your tone
    Choose between a privilege card or an invite to be bullied

    Equality, fairness, love for all humanity
    At the top of your lungs, you’re screaming for justice
    Amen to that, no but’s..but
    Given the circumstances, should we instead shout for peace?

    Current events are fluid with surprising revelations
    But today is not the day neither is your tomorrow
    The enemy is still out there, waiting for new souls
    On the 11th hour, it will strike like a lightning
    A thief creeping through the pitch black night
    You wont see him coming

    Pushover, weakling, a victim for as long as you can remember
    Fact or just a figment of your imagination you deny it
    Don’t care for that now, there’s a bigger happening
    Swallow your pride and lock yourself in!

    Don’t gallop with the crowd
    There’s another favourable time for that, a better chance amongst us
    When all of us are still breathing!

    You want him to breathe?!
    You do have a choice and you can participate
    Put your mask on, look after your health
    Continue breathing and don’t get sick!
    And this is how you can help him breathe!!

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    Pet Peeve 

    Elbow to elbow I dont care
    As long you’re not acting weird and don’t stare

    Not moving at all, bag occupying space
    No issue, no drama, I will squeeze in
    As half of my butt is still sitting

    But feet on the seat!
    My blood pressure is rising
    Heart is wildly palpitating
    Inside my head, I’m suffering!

    Yup! It’s not your problem but mine
    Could not care less and don’t mind
    Charging you fine is not enough
    You should clean the entire train at 12 o’clock!

    Sorry not sorry, I know you’re not
    On the next day, your feet on the seat are back!

    Forgive my ranting
    Otherwise, it’s you that I’ll be kicking!
    Put your feet down please, I’m humbly begging
    My biggest pet peeve, the battle where I’m losing

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    Drawn to magic acts
    Drawn to illusions and performances
    Drawn to whoever is on the stage

    Drawn to talent shows and stand-up comedies
    Drawn to plays showcasing musicality

    Interest sans the talent
    A frustrated actor in my past life or was
    an accessory backstage??

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    Antok ka? 

    Gising na gising pa ang diwa ko
    Please po..gusto ko na matulog
    Pinipilit ipikit ang aking mga mata
    But brain cells nghaharutan, ngkikilitian pa

    Tahimik ang gabi, tulog na mga Earthlings
    Martian ata ako, di makaswitch off kahit ipilit
    Ilang videos na ba napanood, me sense at me ala wenta
    Pampatulog ang spotify or else tutulala nganga

    Kung ano ano na, samut samot aking pinakikinggan
    Tunog ng alon sa dagat, liblib na gubat, mga kulisap at patak ng ulan
    Ilang palaka na ba ang aking nabilang
    Hala! Tupa pala yon, bakit mga palaka ang dumaan?

    Kung kelan naman dapat matulog ayaw dalawin ng antok
    Kagabi di maidilat, knock out kagad eh kelangan magwork
    Hmmm..ipad kaya gmitin sa panonood wag ‘tong mobile?
    Para pagbagsak sa mukha, aray ko, sakit ah, tulog agad, kagisingang ng diwa’y patay!!!

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    Truth can be confronting
    and overwhelming to accept
    Got blindsided your entire life
    From primary to academe by own government

    History books you just opted to embrace
    Alas! By the system you’ve been brainwashed!
    Hailed as national symbol while flicking through the pages
    This voyager, a villain not a noble hero believe it or not!

    He is no Hitler, but same degree if not much worse
    A monster in disguise, killer of innocent souls
    If this is the truth, I feel for you, America
    Betrayal in its finest form in a global historical arena!

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