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  • PinkPanther 10:24 am on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Easter Sunday Service- Hillsong 

    Easter Sunday Service
    Ps Brian

    No matter what the circumstances, always remember..but God!

    God does not want you to look at your past but look towards your future

    Wherever you are right now, whatever is in front of you, but God!!!

    Always ready to remind yourself, but God!!

    Exodus 14  13  Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. 14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

    We have no reason to fear

    Fear does not bring faith

    Always stand still

    Jesus is alive.

    God rose into the promise.

     21Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, 22 and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.

    Nothing is impossible with God

    God always turn nothing into something

    Ephesians 1:7, NLT: “He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.”

    Let’s praise God before, during and after the miracle!!

  • PinkPanther 12:39 pm on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Don’t know why 

    I like him and I don’t know why

    Don’t ask and I revert with sigh

    Way too young for me who is nearing forty

    While I heard, he’s just in his mid-thirties



    I decided to simply keep this to myself

    Not yet crazy, not digging my own grave

    Impossible! No way I will let him know

    As I’m not good with facing attack  of “No’s”



    Rejection will never be an option for me

    So why should I announce it in the open

    I still do love myself more or who else will

    So will just let go of this weird indescribable feeling



    If only he knew he has this impact on me

    To the point I resort again to writing poetry

    If only he knew, I would like to sing a duet

    As if I imagine he is a Romeo next to a Juliet



    It’s been a while facing again this enchanting magic

    Emerging from a chain of failed attempted relationships

    Strange goosebumps, whenever he’s near are so freaky

    Like butterflies kicking their way out from my tummy



    Or probable reason is I find this a little challenging

    For I believe he can never be mine, hence more exciting

    The thrill of liking someone who will never ever be yours

    Like Quasi May-September affairs everywhere, is it a crime to admire younger boys



    Let me park my pen and swiftly go back to Dreamland

    Expecting there I will be reborn and  again be young

    Where I can reach and halt the tick of the biological clock

    Saying goodbye to reality and sorrowful moments be blocked



    I’ll just let this mood fade and slip away

    Like the gloomy atmosphere on a rainy day

    I just let this one-sided connection disconnect on its own

    Emotions won’t be reciprocated so go back to being lone



  • PinkPanther 10:12 pm on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Ang pagkakaron ng pagnanais na mgkaron ng makakasama sa buhay ay di dapat gawin batayan ng pagkatao, di dapat gawing tampulan ng tuksuhan at lalong di dapat maging kabawasan ng karakter ng babae.

  • PinkPanther 8:50 am on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Ikon goes Rhythm Ta, Mate! 



    When Gdragon held a concert here in Sydney, I didn’t go and i I regretted it so much. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity that I missed that won’t never come back, ever! So I committed to myself that if there is any YG artist then I should go out of my way and purchase a ticket no matter what! 

    So that night of 25th Oct 2018, IKON had their very first concert here at land down under. Their first stop, Sydney and 2 days after would be Melbourne. 

    There’s no second thought of whether to watch this or not. Also, no need to worry if anyone would be joining me. Right there and then, I knew this would be a solo flight and having no company has never been an issue for me! I enjoy my own company! And so, I bought the concert ticket straight away in a snap. Unfortunately, there was no more reserved seat available so no choice, I opted to click the rock zone (standing area) which is second front section of the stage. 

    Day of the concert:

    I got out of the office earlier than usual, would you believe that? Grabbed a quick bite to sustain me for the night especially I knew that would require extra energy to keep me standing tall and proud throughout the entire performance. I didn’t want my knees to become jelly and gave up in the midst of the concert.

    Going there was an easy breeze. From work, took the train, passed Harbour Bridge, walked 5 mins, took some nice photos as remembrance and eventually joined the queue. 

    It was not a long wait, we entered the venue smoothly. It was a very organized crowd and there was no drama whatsover. 

    And yes, I noticed that 80% of the audience are mostly young but you can see mature adults like me coming straight from work who were trying to dress at least casual for the event. Most are trying hard to pretend that they didnt work for the day.

    They opened their first Australian concert with a bang! With all 7 members full of energy, they exudes overwhelming strength and masculinity as they began with their song, “Bling Bling” . They are on a different level as they filled the entire stage with Big Bang charisma. 

    I tried not to take too much videos but I could not help it. Everytime, they began a new song, all phones from everywhere just instantly went up! It’s automatic and infectious!!

    Apologies my videos are not of high quality as my hands are shaking. I tried to stop my every single bone from dancing to no avail! 

    Indeed, my boys went Rhythm Ta!

  • PinkPanther 11:22 am on March 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Take Me 

    Feet were sore, burning with coal

    Eyes weary, staring blankly on dark wall

    Mind wandering

    Heartbeat pausing

    Breathing slowly

    Cracking the knuckles

    Bringing self esteem in its lowest low

    Oh God, please uplift my spirit man

    Take me to your arms

    Open the windows of heavens

    Let your angels soar towards my home

    Accompany me and pat my shoulder

    Hold my hand

    Whisper your Words

    I want to redeem my existence

  • PinkPanther 12:39 pm on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    When Was the Last Time 

    When was the last time you ran under the rain

    Without the umbrella above your head

    Without worries that you would get soaked


    When was the last time you kissed passionately

    When your world just stopped abruptly

    Just you and him with no words in between


    When was the last time you helped a stranger

    Not waiting anything in return

    An angel on earth you’ve become


    When was the last time you danced wildly

    As if no one is watching your motions

    With your emotions all out


    When was the last time you did nothing for a day

    For one freaking whole day

    Just lying on the couch and watching telly


    When was the last time?

  • PinkPanther 12:28 pm on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    Tipo ng mga kaibigan ng broken-hearted 

    So broken hearted ka kamo?
    Dito me makilala kung san category mo malalagay ang mga katropa mo.. 
    Meron kasi tatlo klase ng tao:
    -Unang grupo,  hahayaan ka lang nila, di ka pakikialaman. Yun mere presence lang nila khit nasa sulok ka lang make you feel na parte ka pa rin ng grupo pero may sarili kang problema that you deal by yourself (this I prefer)
    – yun pangalawa, pag galit ka, mas galit sila, pag malungkot ka, mas palulungkutin ka. Although the intention is sincere, makakatulong sila pero temporary lang.  Dapat kinabukasan, iba na approach nila. Hindi araw araw. Mapapagod sila, mapapagod ka rin. Uubusin nyo lang energy ng isa’t isa. 
    – at yun pangatlo, easy lng.  Chillux lang. Bibiruin ka. Eto yun approach na gusto nila makamove ka ng mabilis. As in now na! Gusto lang siguro nila sabihin na ok lang yon, this too shall pass. Yun nga lng, sa pabiro at minsan nakakaasar na approach. Nakakainis pero in the long run, sila yun alam mo na makakapgblik sa yo to real world, to your old self as if nothing happened. They will make you feel that what  you’re going through is just normal situation if you risked to be in a relationship, no big deal kaya wag na sayangin ang enerhiya at tapusin na ang hikbi at iyak!
    So alin sa tatlo mo ang mga kaibigan mo ?
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