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    When Was the Last Time 

    When was the last time you ran under the rain

    Without umbrella above your head

    Without worries that you would get soaked


    When was the last time you kissed passionately

    When your world suddenly stopped spinning

    Just you and him without any dialogue


    When was the last time you helped a stranger

    Not waiting anything in return..not expecting a thank you

    An angel on earth you’ve become


    When was the last time you danced wildly

    As if no one is watching your motions

    With your emotions all out


    When was the last time you did nothing for a day

    Sunrise to sunset…one freaking whole day

    Just lying lazily on the couch and watching telly


    When was the last time?

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    7 Indicators of Fatigue (work stress) 

    I know.. I know. This is treated as trivial topic for some . On the other hand, browsing through the web, you will surely stumble on some articles, blogs, studies, researches, statistics, stories, discussions centering around this topic but what I’m about to share is more personal as this is what I am experiencing right here right now! ATM (at this moment!)

    I decided to just grab my keyboard and type all my thoughts while they are still fresh because I bet.. tomorrow will come and I will forget half of them.

    Let’s start the ball rolling:

    1. Still in my work clothes, while lying in bed at 9:55 pm, I’m still thinking about my work, my deliverables, current issues on tasks, etc

    2. While in the train, instead of relaxing and freeing my brain, I enlist my to-do’s for the next day. How pathetic, right?

    3. Last night, at 11:59 pm, I sent an email to my colleague asking him to hold off submission of reports as suddenly the idea of reviewing his work occurred to me and I felt accountable should there be any numbers not agreeing. (BTW, I’m an accountant)

    4. Imagine this.. yesterday, I skipped lunch and dinner altogether. I normally don’t have breakfast so that doesn’t count but lunch and dinner?? 

     I only had a tiny bite of sweet bread and that’s about it. I’m not fasting whatsoever but just not in the mood to eat .(This is so not me!)

    5. I went out of the office at 9:30pm the other day. My boss was telling me to go home but I just felt obligated to stay and finish what needed to be done. I felt accountable should anything break or fail. (This is not healthy at all).

    6. Supposedly, I should be in the mission now of finding a new job but what am I doing?Here, typing what I am feeling right now!
    And 7th , the last one but not the least red flag..

    7. Why do I feel so tired early in the morning? Why do I feel like 90% of my day is all about work as even when I reach my front door at home, my mind is still in the office! 


     Most of the time, I try to reason out that probably it’s because I’m living alone , all by myself that’s why I have less obligation. I’m taking care of myself so I have all the time in the world to think .. and I chose to fill those gaps with work?!

    Anyway… Signing off now.. I’m praying that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

    They say, behind those dark clouds is a vast blue sky.


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    How to.. cook tinola? 

  • PinkPanther 8:57 am on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    How to cook .. Sinigang? 

  • PinkPanther 1:14 pm on November 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    On the edge 

    Sometimes when you’re down

    And you feel that the world is against you

    When you look behind and you see no one

    And no one sitting next to you


    When you’re heart is crushed

    And your spirit is drowning

    When your eyes couldn’t cry no more

    As you’re exhausted from breathing


    When you’re embarrassed to face tomorrow

    And you don’t feel like getting up the next day

    When you feel like slapping yourself

    As you could not hurt someone else


    When you walk on thorns

    And brushing the cold wind

    When you’re enduring the heat and pain

    As you’ve got no choice

    You just have to bear it


    How can you continue your life

    How can you breathe again

    How can you open your eyes the next day

    And start as if nothing happened

    How can you forget everything in a snap

    And continue to move on

    To move forward

    To cherish a brand new day

    To bury the past

    To dream again


    How to live again

    When you feel like you’re a living dead

    How can you face tomorrow

    If you have to start all over again with this cycle

    How can you get up

    When you feel like you’re down forever


    How can you say

    I was dead

    But now .. can I live again?

  • PinkPanther 10:00 am on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    4 Day Gold Coast itinerary 

    IMG_8165Trust me on this. You can do Gold Coast in just 4 freaking days!! And you will enjoy even if you’re travelling solo.

    Trust me on this.. been there, done that with the company of me and myself! 🙂

    Day 1:

    Travel in the morning, straight to your hotel or airbnb house or room, get familiarised with the nearest shopping where you can grab your snacks, etc. It’s rest day today so dont stress yourself too much.


    Day 2:

    Take uber and go to your first theme park destination. I suggest that you choose Sea World.

    You will be given some options depending on the ticket/combo promo. For me, I chose Sea World, MovieWorld and Wet & Wild for three consecutive days.

    The main highlights of Sea World theme park are the following so make sure that you don’t miss them:

    • Dolphin show
    • Seal show
    • Jet ski stunt show

    As for my experience, an unusual event also happened during the dolphin show.  At the back of my head, I was thinking ” Of all the days, why now?!” There showed up a parade of animal activists ruining the performance. Don’t get me wrong… I know where they are coming from. But come on, of all days, why today!!  Anyway, just to share, here is a glimpse of that unexpected scenario:



    The park closes at around 5pm. So from there you can go straight to the main city to have dinner and see the beach until night time.



    Day 3:

    Warner Brothers Movie World

    Again, dont miss the following shows:

    • grand parade…. if I’m not mistaken around 1 pm or 2pm.  Please check the pamphlet for timetable and the route
    • car stunts(again!) More… extreme. (Note: I watched the show twice)

    Day 4:

    Wet ‘n Wild

    Well, whether you’re going solo or with your squad, as long as you love water, experiencing Wet ‘n Wild is a treat.

    This theme park is a lot smaller than the other two so you can definitely try “all” that this park can offer.



    Day 4 Afternoon escapade:

    Time to go home

    Allot at least 2 hrs going back to the airport.

    It’s great to have fun and be lost in the moment but it will be a different story if you miss your flight!!

  • PinkPanther 3:00 pm on September 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Buhay Single Vlog Entry 1: Corned Beef 


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